Where are Look Who’s Happy treats made?
Glad you asked! All of our products are produced in Gainesville, Georgia USA, in our brand-new, family-owned plant. Which is why we can keep track of every ingredient from start to finish, and ensure that every morsel meets our rigorous standards for quality, safety and flavor.

Where does your meat and poultry come from?
Our beef, chicken, turkey and bison are raised right here in the USA. All these high quality meats are USDA-inspected and sourced from reputable suppliers. Our genuine, USDA-inspected venison is imported from New Zealand. Our bison and venison are grass fed, our beef is naturally raised and our poultry is cage free.

Where are your other ingredients sourced?
The fruit, veggies, nuts and grains in our entire line of treats are grown in the USA. We never, ever use any ingredients from China!

Why are you located in Georgia?
Our pet food ingredient background combined with our plant location in Gainesville, Georgia – “the poultry capital of the world” – makes manufacturing safe, US-made treats seem like a natural fit.

How many treats can I feed my dog per day?
That depends on several factors, such as your dog’s size, weight, activity level and age. But as a rule of thumb, 90% of a canine’s daily energy requirements should come from a complete and balanced pet food and no more than 10% should come from between-meal treats. You’ll find the calories per ounce listed on every Look Who’s Happy package and every product information page on this website.

Can I feed Look Who’s Happy treats to my puppy?
Yes! Just remember that their digestive system may be more sensitive than a full-grown dog’s and their tummies are tiny, so don’t feed them too much. Always remember to supervise your dog when feeding treats and make sure they have fresh water.

Do Look Who’s Happy products contain fillers, animal by-products or artificial preservatives?
Our treats don’t contain a trace of additives like these – and they never will! They’re also free of hormones, artificial colors and flavors. We wouldn’t dream of feeding anything questionable to our precious pets, and neither would you.

What kind of precautions do you take to ensure that Look Who’s Happy products are safe?
We operate our entire plant according to FDA food safety production guidelines. Plus, you can rest assured that every batch we make is tested for safety by an independent laboratory.

How are your products preserved?
All Look Who’s Happy treats are preserved with Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols – alpha, beta, gamma and delta isomers). We refuse to use any chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.