HAPPY Summer!

When was the last time you gave your dog a fun night out, or enjoyed an outdoor activity with the whole family? Now that summer is here, it’s time to get outside! There are tons of things to do that are perfect for summertime that you and your dog can both enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Hit the dog-friendly beach or park: Do a little research to see what areas of your town, or new places you are traveling to, are dog friendly. Finding new parks, hiking trails, and beaches allow you and your dogs to explore new adventures together. Don’t forget the frisbee or ball for fetch!
  2. Drive-in movie: The drive-in is always fun for the whole family, so make sure to include your four-legged family members too!
  3. Walking group: Do your friends also have dogs? Get everyone together once or twice a week for a walk around the park or neighborhood. This helps keep you and your dog in a regular exercise routine and gives you both a chance to catch up with your pals.
  4. Neighborhood dog party: Host a party in your backyard and invite all of your neighbors and their pets! It’s a great way for you and your dogs to meet new friends and spend some time outside.
  5. Camping: Look for state parks and campsites in your area that allow dogs. Bring the whole family along to explore nature and enjoy a perfect weekend getaway.
  6. Farmers market: If it’s dog friendly, bring your pups along to check out the farmers market! Visiting your local farmers market is a great way to get outside, meet new people, support local businesses and farmers, and bring home some fresh produce for your family and pets.
  7. Toy swap: Mix things up a little bit by taking a few of your dogs’ toys and trading with a friend or neighbor for their dogs’ toys. This will give your dogs something new and exciting to play with, and it won’t cost you a thing!
  8. Outdoor meal at restaurant: Everyone loves to enjoy a meal outside in the summertime, so let your pup be a part of your experience! If your dogs can maintain reasonable table manners, bring them along next time you dine out on a patio at a pet-friendly restaurant. Pack a few treats and ask the restaurant for a bowl of water so they can join in during mealtime.

Happy Summer!