Look Who’s Happy!

Got a photo or video you’d like to share of your happy pup or some fave raves about our treats? Send ‘em in! Who knows – your pet’s smiling face might show up on a Look Who’s Happy package!

Whitley Westie

Our Happy Wraps treats get four paws up from Whitley Westie!

-Whitley Westie
Toby & Maddux

Toby & Maddux are anxiously awaiting their taste-test of these new Made in the USA treats!

-Toby & Maddux
Sawyer the Lab

While I did enjoy the taste of both, I have to say the carrot with chicken recipe is my favorite. You’d think that being a chicken lover I wouldn’t be so happy with the chicken-to-carrot ratio, but it was the opposite. The vibrant orange from the carrot is just beautiful, and the smokiness and sweetness is truly inviting and addictive. And the fact that the carrot slices are big also makes me even more excited.

These new Happy Wraps are so waggingly delicious and have such a gourmet taste that even the humans will want to take a bite!

-Sawyer the Lab

Well, Look Who’s Happy now! I tried both the venison and bison and loved them!


Normally Rolo is very polite, but there was something about these treats that had him saying “Look! I Am Happy, Now Give Them To Me!”.


Easy loves your Fetch’n Fillet treats!

Zoe & Phoenix

Both of these lines, I would consider a very high value treat. My girls went absolutely wild for them!

-Zoe & Phoenix

Annie absolutely loves her beef jerky Fetch’n Fillets! She couldn’t be happier!


Gracie loves her chicken jerky treats! 


The Venison Fetch’n Fillets are my favorite jerky treats and they smell amazing!


The Bison Fetch’n Fillets left Keto jumping for joy and begging for more, so they certainly passed his taste test requirements.


We hit the motherload of treats!!! We love Look Who’s Happy Tempt ‘n Tenders. Happy to have found a line we like!


Molly can’t choose a flavor – she loves them all!

Anna and Charlie

I tried them out on my dog and he loves them! I foresee them being very popular!

-Anna and Charlie

I am the lifestyle director at The Oaks. I also have Gracie the house dog who LOVES!!!!!! Look Who’s Happy treats. My cats even love the Tempt’n Tender treats.

-Sandy D
Kristy & Cody

Thank you for making these delicious treats, my dog goes crazy for them!

-Kristy & Cody