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Look Who’s Traveling!

Summer = TRAVELING! During the summer months, traveling is a must! And what’s better than going on vacation with your whole family, pups included? Before you head out on your next family adventure, do a little research and locate a pet-friendly hotel or campground. You can see a few of our picks below. And don’t forget to bring along your dog’s favorite Look Who’s Happy! treats!



Top Dog Friendly Hotels:

  • Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel- Virginia Beach, VA
  • Dog Bark Park Inn B&B- Cottonwood, ID
  • Riverside Campground & Cabins- Big Sur, CA
  • Best Western Plus Myrtle Beach Hotel- Myrtle Beach, SC
  • The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel- Savannah, GA
  • Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort- Hilton Head Island, SC
  • The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch- Avon, CO
  • The Cottages and Lofts at Boat Basin- Nantucket, MA
  • Loews Miami Beach Hotel- Miami Beach, FL
  • La Quinta Inn Pigeon Forge Dollywood- Pigeon Forge, TN


So many wonderful hotels and destinations are waiting to welcome you and your pup on your next vacation! To make traveling a little easier (and more fun!) get the kids involved to help make containers to pack your Look Who’s Happy! treats!

Tip: Look for fun, colorful, easy-to-open containers that will fit your pups treats. But not too easy to open, you don’t want your furry little friend getting their nose in there!

Tip: Make it a family art day! Let the kids help with decorating the containers with stickers, glitter, paint, etc. The dog will be drooling with excitement over the new fun containers.


HAPPY Travels!



For more help finding the right dog friendly hotel for you, check out:



HAPPY Summer!

When was the last time you gave your dog a fun night out, or enjoyed an outdoor activity with the whole family? Now that summer is here, it’s time to get outside! There are tons of things to do that are perfect for summertime that you and your dog can both enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Hit the dog-friendly beach or park: Do a little research to see what areas of your town, or new places you are traveling to, are dog friendly. Finding new parks, hiking trails, and beaches allow you and your dogs to explore new adventures together. Don’t forget the frisbee or ball for fetch!
  2. Drive-in movie: The drive-in is always fun for the whole family, so make sure to include your four-legged family members too!
  3. Walking group: Do your friends also have dogs? Get everyone together once or twice a week for a walk around the park or neighborhood. This helps keep you and your dog in a regular exercise routine and gives you both a chance to catch up with your pals.
  4. Neighborhood dog party: Host a party in your backyard and invite all of your neighbors and their pets! It’s a great way for you and your dogs to meet new friends and spend some time outside.
  5. Camping: Look for state parks and campsites in your area that allow dogs. Bring the whole family along to explore nature and enjoy a perfect weekend getaway.
  6. Farmers market: If it’s dog friendly, bring your pups along to check out the farmers market! Visiting your local farmers market is a great way to get outside, meet new people, support local businesses and farmers, and bring home some fresh produce for your family and pets.
  7. Toy swap: Mix things up a little bit by taking a few of your dogs’ toys and trading with a friend or neighbor for their dogs’ toys. This will give your dogs something new and exciting to play with, and it won’t cost you a thing!
  8. Outdoor meal at restaurant: Everyone loves to enjoy a meal outside in the summertime, so let your pup be a part of your experience! If your dogs can maintain reasonable table manners, bring them along next time you dine out on a patio at a pet-friendly restaurant. Pack a few treats and ask the restaurant for a bowl of water so they can join in during mealtime.

Happy Summer!

HAPPY and Hydrated!


With summer almost in full swing, we know you’re looking forward to soaking up the sun and spending some quality time with your families and furry friends. So are we! But as the temperatures heat up, keep in mind that your dogs may need a little extra love to keep cool during the hot summer day.

Understanding these guidelines and knowing the warning signs of dehydration will help to keep your dogs safe and HAPPY this season so you can have fun in the sun together all summer long.



Don’t leave your dog in an unattended vehicle. If you’re out running errands, leave your dog at home, or try to avoid places that aren’t dog friendly. If you have to leave your dog in the car for a short period of time, keep your windows cracked. It doesn’t take long for a car in the hot sun to heat up to dangerous temperatures.

Avoid hot pavement. This can be tricky as we often forget that the roads and sidewalks may be too hot for our dogs’ bare feet. Try to walk through the grass or dirt and always check the temperature of the pavement before you lead your dog on the road or sidewalk.

Always bring water with you. Hydration is key for everyone during the hot summer months, so be sure to bring along plenty of water when you take your dog outside. If possible, try to bring ice or a frozen chew toy to keep your dog extra cool.

Seek shelter. Keep an eye out for a tree or covered deck, or bring along an umbrella to provide a little relief from the rays.

Keep your dogs groomed. Watch out for any tangles in your dog’s hair and talk to your vet or groomer about shaving his or her coat.

Walk during the cooler hours. If you love to take your dog for long walks around the park or neighborhood, try to head out during the cooler hours of the day. Walking during the early morning or later in the evening will allow your dog to get fresh air and exercise, while reducing the risk of dehydration and overheating.

If it’s over 85 degrees, STAY INSIDE. Temperatures exceeding 85 degrees can be dangerous for dogs. Wait until the temps cool down before taking them outside.

Finally, watch out for these warning signs that your dog may be dehydrated:

  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry, chapped nose
  • More lethargic than normal
  • Dark urine
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive panting
  • Dry mouth and gums
  • Thick saliva

These quick and easy steps will help you and your furry friends enjoy your favorite warm weather activities all season long.

Have a HAPPY summer!

The Apple of Our Eye

You are familiar with the phrase apple of my eye to express how you cherish that special someone above all others. With this in mind, our Look Who’s Happy! “chefs” custom crafted our healthy and delicious Chicken with Apple Recipe & Chicken with Cranberry Recipe, Tempt’n Tenders™ treats.

Recipe-chicken-cane molasses- apples (3)

Made in our state-of-the-art facility, our Chicken with Apple Recipe & Chicken with Cranberry Recipe treats are filled with the purest of ingredients – chicken, Blackstrap Molasses and apples or cranberries. We hand-select USA-raised cage-free chicken, apples, and cranberries. Speaking of apples, they are packed with antioxidants and provide nutritional benefits to your dog including vitamin C, dietary fiber, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. These tail-wagging treats are free of both grain and gluten and have no by-products, added hormones, artificial preservatives or flavors. After blending these delicious ingredients together, they are slow-cooked for a terrific taste that will leave your dog happy!


Learn more about our kitchen facility, treats and where to purchase our delicious treats.

Look Who’s Seeing Happier!

May is National Service Dog Eye Exam Month, and Look Who’s Happy! would like to recognize the important role that service dogs play in public safety, medical assistance and more. Dogs are universally known as man’s best friend, but a lot of people tend to forget that friends – even the furry kind – rely on each other just as much as they have fun going for walks or running around the park.

Throughout the month of May, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and participating board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists will provide eye exams to thousands of service animals throughout the U.S. Click here to learn more.

We were especially happy to have one of these fabulous Service Dogs stop by the Look Who’s Happy! office, and not to brag, but he seemed to love our treats.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.20.36 PM

Happy National Pet Week!

Look Who’s Happy! is celebrating the 35th anniversary of National Pet Week®, sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). As a pet parent, you know the special bond that exists between you and your furry family member. Here are a few tips from AVMA to help keep your pet happier and healthier:

  1. Choose well, commit for life: Select the pet that’s right for your family’s lifestyle, and make a commitment to that pet for its life.
  2. Socialize now: New doesn’t have to be scary: Learn about how to appropriately prepare your pet to enjoy a variety of interactions with other animals, people, places and activities.
  3. Exercise body. Exercise mind.: This not only improves cardiovascular health, maintains a healthy weight, and supports good mental health for both owner and pet, but it strengthens the human-animal bond.
  4. Love your pet? See your vet!: Regular check-ups are vital to catching health problems early.
  5. Pet population control: Know your role.: Talk to your veterinarian about when you should have your pet spayed or neutered.
  6. Emergencies happen. Be prepared.: Include your pets in your family’s emergency plan.
  7. Give them a lifetime of love: Pets are living longer now than they ever have before – but as pets get older, they need extra care and attention. Regular veterinary examinations can detect problems in older pets before they become advanced or life-threatening, and improve the chances of a longer and healthier life for your pet.

And, from the Look Who’s Happy! Family:

  1. Put a smile on your pet’s face, every day, with Look Who’s Happy! ® treats: It’s important to provide healthy treats crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients. View more. 

Learn more at petweek.org and join us in celebrating the more than 200 million pets that are such a big part of our lives. Be Happy!

Happy National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day!

Bulldogs come in so many sizes and sub breeds: American, Aussie, English, French, etc. You name it, we love them! Since today is National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day, it’s a great excuse to recognize the beautiful bulldog in your life!

Lil Kush NY

Lil Kush is a sweet French Bulldog with a big personality, who loves Look Who’s Happy! treats. Follow Lil Kush’s adventures on Instagram @lilkushny





Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to comment what’s beautiful about your dog by 11:59 PM ET today & be entered to win free treats!

Look Who’s New!

This sweet female toy Pomeranian pup is the newest member of the Look Who’s Happy! family and needs a name! Enter the contest to win a free year supply of Look Who’s Happy! dog treats! 


Contest Rules are simple:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  2. Suggest a name for this precious pup and tag two friends in the comments below
  3. Like this picture

Complete your entry by 11:59pm ET on 3/29/16. One lucky winner will be chosen! We are excited to read the suggestions!


What’s in Your Easter Basket?

Easter is almost upon us! The sun is shining and there are baskets that need to be filled. What will be in your pup’s Easter basket?

On Easter morning, your dog will be thrilled to find whatever you leave for him or her. Whether you fill the basket with Chicken with apple Tempt’n Tenders™ or with Beef Jerky Fetch’n Fillets, your dog will never leave your side on Easter.

To learn more about Look Who’s Happy! delicious and nutritious products, visit LookWhosHappy.com.

w1BCF-030116-10 LWH March Social Media_EASTERDOG

It’s National Poultry Day

On this National holiday, we celebrate all things poultry. Has your pup tried our Chicken Jerky treats?

Our Fetch’n FilletsTM Chicken Jerky dog treats, use real, whole muscle USDA-inspected chicken. These tasty treats are grain and gluten free, so both your puppy and your puppy’s tummy will be satisfied while staying healthy.

Fetch’n Fillets™ – chicken jerky

Trying to find Fetch’n FilletsTM Chicken Jerky dog treats? Check for Look Who’s Happy! at a location near you!


Join Look Who’s Happy! at the Global Pet Expo

We’re excited to be exhibiting at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL this week. Stop by and say, “hi” at booth #2181, or contact us at info@lookwhoshappy.com to set up a meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 7.11.41 AM

For more information about the Global Pet Expo, visit GlobalPetExpo.org.

What’s in Your Pantry?

It’s almost spring time, which means spring cleaning is right around the corner. If we may offer a suggestion: start with your pantry. Go through and get rid of all the junk food you don’t need. Leftover chips and salsa from the Super Bowl? Get rid of those! While you’re ridding your pantry of all this junk food, be sure to check what ‘junk’ you may be feeding your pets as well. It is time to replace it with treats that are delicious AND nutritious: Look Who’s Happy! dog treats.

What's in your pantry


Even though they’re called “treats,” our dog treats are some of the healthiest on the market. All of our products are made with human-grade ingredients, and are grain-free and gluten-free. In addition to these ingredients, all of the meats used in our products are naturally raised, and our vegetables are picked at the peak of ripeness. Get rid of the junk food in your pup’s life and replace it with the healthy and delicious treats!

Help Make the 20th Annual “BULLYMPICS” a Success!

Founded in 1995, Buddies Thru Bullies, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit English Bulldog Rescue organization based in South Florida has worked to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and neglected bulldogs. Every year since their inception, they’ve hosted the annual “Bullympics” to raise money for the cause.

This year, for their 20th year celebration, Look Who’s Happy! is proud to be a partner of the Bullympics. We encourage you all to visit their website at bulliesthrubuddies.org, and see what they are all about!

Photo from previous Bullympics. Photo credit: O.J. Callahan.


Training Day: Dog Training Education Month

Having a furry friend in your life provides a great amount of happiness! Making sure your dog is a well-respected canine citizen is arguably one of the most important things you do as a responsible pet parent.


A trained dog is a fully participating member of the family—what a gift for all of you!

  • Puppy classes provide the opportunity for getting your new family member started off right. Puppy classes provide the experiences and opportunities for your puppy to develop interaction skills with other puppies, with people, and in new environments.
  • Puppy socialization has been found to be critical to the psychological health of adult dogs. Puppy classes provide the opportunity for this important facet of your puppy’s upbringing.
  • Training classes provide dog owners the skills and knowledge for dealing with common, normal dog behaviors—starting with puppy behaviors such as housetraining and chewing.
  • No matter what age you start training your dog, foundation training provides the basis for any activity, and behavior or job you want your dog to do.
  • Training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want—from polite greeting when guests arrive, to walking nicely on the leash, to coming when called.
  • A trained dog is a fully participating member of the family—what a gift for all of you!
  • A trained dog joins in the fun when company comes, accompanies the family to the kids’ sports games, goes with you to visit friends and relatives, goes for hikes, swims, and everything else the family does together.
  • Training enables you to choose from among a broad range of activities and dog sports to participate in and enjoy with your dog • Training has been shown to be the single most important thing that keeps a dog in his or her “forever” home.
  • Training builds your mutual bond, enhances the partnership and enriches the relationship you share with your dog.

Positive reinforcement is key, especially rewarding for the right behavior. Don’t forget to reward your favorite pooch with Look Who’s Happy! treats for good behavior!

Put a smile in their life.TM Because they deserve it.


Source: The Association of Professional Dog Trainers


Show Your Pets Lots of Love

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to show affectation to those you love most. And for us that means our fur family! This Valentine’s Day, Look Who’s Happy! is hosting a photo contest and the winner will receive a YEAR SUPPLY of Tempt’n Tenders TM! To enter, share a photo of your lovable pup using ‪#‎LookWhosHappyGiveaway and #ValentinesDay on any of our social networks! All entries must be submitted by midnight (Eastern time), February 14, 2016.

VDay1Skip the flowers this year, and give your pets something they will love!

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Stock Up for the Big Game!

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner! As football fans are finalizing their crowd-pleasing party menus, make sure you’re serving touchdown-worthy Look Who’s Happy! dog treats for your furry four-legged fans!Superbowl Murry

  • Throw a scoring pass by serving Fetch’n Fillets™. Naturally packed with savory flavor, they’re the perfect snack to reward your pup and get his tail wagging!
  • Treat your dog toHappy Wraps™—Made from dry-roasted sweet potato and carrot, wrapped with chicken or turkey!
  • Complete your menu with a delicious Tempt’n Tenders—Made from yummy goodies like chicken, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato and blueberries, for both texture and aroma!

This Super Bowl, Look Who’s Happy! is sending free treats to our fur friends! To enter, share a photo of your game-day ready pup using ‪#‎LookWhosHappyGiveaway and #SB50 on any of our social networks! All entries must be submitted by midnight (Eastern time), February 7, 2016.

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The National Hug Day‬ contest entries made our tails wag!

Dog owners from across the country submitted photos of a warm embrace with their pups for our National Hug Day social media contest. The Look Who’s Happy! team selected three overall winners, who will each receive a YEAR SUPPLY of Tempt’n Tenders!

National Hug Day

Congratulations to the winning entries!

 Put a smile in their lifeTM, because they deserve it!

Look Who’s Happy! With Exotic Meats

Every Look Who’s Happy! dog lover is familiar with our delicious beef and chicken recipe treats. But, we also carry a few more exotic options, such as venison and bison. Most importantly, dogs love them, too! Check out some reviews from our customers:


“Well, Look Who’s Happy now! I tried both the venison and bison and loved them!” –Emma

“The Venison Fetch’n Fillets are my favorite jerky treats and they smell amazing!” -Butterscotch

“The Bison Fetch’n Fillets left Keto jumping for joy and begging for more, so they certainly passed his taste test requirements.” –Keto

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day

This Sunday, we would like to join hands with our partners at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia to celebrate National Change a Pet’s Life Day. For over 100 years, the HSNEGA has worked to create a community recognized for responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. Here at Look Who’s Happy!, we want every pet – big and small – to be happy with his or her family. As we continue in our mission to provide the healthiest dog treats available, every dog that is adopted from HSNEGA on Jan. 24, National Change a Pet’s Life Day will take home a free bag of Look Who’s Happy! treats.


Happy National Hug Day!

Happy National Hug Day! To celebrate, we want to make your dog happier all year round! Share a photo of a hug with your pup using #NationalHugDay and ‪#‎LookWhosHappyGiveaway on any of our social networks and get entered to win a YEAR SUPPLY of Tempt’n TendersTM! All entries must be submitted by midnight (Eastern time), January 22, 2016.

LWH National Hugging DayDaVinci from the Look Who’s Happy! fur family, snuggled
up to his owner enjoying a beautiful day. 

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Keeping Your Pet on a Healthy Diet

You love your pets. Your pets love you. And while your pets may think they’re happy with whatever treats you put in front of them, it may not always be the best for their health. Look Who’s Happy! offers healthy alternatives for delicious dog treats that are also nutritious.

Look Who’s Happy treats are carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients. All of the meats in our products are farm raised, which provide high quality protein. In addition, we only use cage free poultry raised in the United States. All of which are free of hormones and antibiotics. Our vegetables are grown from a garden and picked at the peak of ripeness, and our fruits are rich in antioxidants. We guarantee that every recipe is formulated to keep dogs healthy and HAPPY. We think your dog will be grinning from nose to tail when you bring home these treats!

Tucker from the Look Who’s Happy! fur family, couldn’t be happier after indulging in delicious and nutritious Beef Jerky Fetch’n Fillets.

Tucker from the Look Who’s Happy! fur family, couldn’t be happier after
indulging in delicious and nutritious Beef Jerky Fetch’n FilletsTM.

New Year; New You

The New Year is here, and many people are already getting started on their 2016 Resolutions. One of the most popular resolution is to stay healthy. This year, make sure to keep your pet healthy too! You and your furry friend can be each other’s accountability partners as you remain in good health. Here are some tips for you and your pets about how to stay healthy in 2016.


1) Go for annual checkups. Visiting a doctor on a regular basis is as important for your pet as it is for you. These checkups can help you and your pet discover illness early on and stop them quickly.

2) Exercise regularly. Help your dog maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Something as simple as taking a daily walk around the block with your pet is a good way to get the blood pumping.

3) Maintain a healthy diet. Here at Look Who’s Happy!, we want to help provide your pets with the tastiest, most nourishing treats. All of our treats are up to FDA and USDA standards, and carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients.

4) Keep free of Parasites. Consult your veterinarian for the best product to keep your pet free of parasites such as fleas, ticks, heartworm, etc.

5) Vaccinate. Make sure to vaccinate your pet against potentially deadly diseases such as distemper, parvo, panleukopenia and rabies. Consult your veterinarian on what age you need to vaccinate your dog.


What do you do to stay healthy?

Dog Grooming Will Get Pretty Hairy in 2016

teddy bearMany dog owners are already going beyond the standard trim or grooming appointment to give their beloved pet an updated, stylish makeover. And, after last month’s win for Best in Show by Goodtime Charlie at the National Dog Show, pampered pooches are sure to be sporting even longer locks in 2016.

As Charlie, a Skye terrier, has shown the world, a gorgeous coat is not just a girl thing. Ponytails with little bows and ribbons are outdated. Next season, expect to see more topknots on pups!

But don’t let this longhaired craze fool you. For dogs with more curly or thick hair, geometric shapes (either square or round) is a new American trend that started in Asia.

In 2016, dogs will be moving out of the cutesy category to take on a cooler, more punk role. Although fewer owners are asking for mohawks, there are more dogs out walking the streets with long bangs swept to the side for a hipster vibe. And it doesn’t stop with the cut. Groomers are adding streaks with touches of dye to also grab attention.

Share A Paw This Holiday!

Piper and Wubbie have gone ornament crazy! This year, they lent us a paw to create these beautiful dog-bone ornaments. You can find similar paw print ornament kits at your local pet supply store, and while your there, don’t forget to pick up a bag of Look Who’s Happy! treats to share with your pup as a reward for sitting still to make the ornament.


Look Who’s Happy! would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season!

Beautiful Gift-Wrapped Holiday Treats!

Look Who’s Happy! is looking for ways to make this holiday season just a little bit more special for your four-legged family. The only thing that could make our nourishing treats even better, is this easy-to-do holiday package! Just follow these five easy instructions, and you’ll be well on your way to giving your pooch a deliciously good Christmas present.


pintrestaStep 1. Gather your Look Who’s Happy! treats of choice (we chose the Fetch’n Fillets™ Bison Jerky), a puppy paw print drawstring bag, Look Who’s Happy! label and a plastic sealable bag.




Step 2. Remove a few treats from the Look Who’s Happy! package. Remember to do this in a separate room from your pup, otherwise, there may be no treats left to wrap!







pintrestcStep 3. Place a few treats into a sealable plastic bag – this will keep your treats nice and fresh until Christmas morning. Your pup will appreciate being able to taste all the delicious flavors of our fresh ingredients.




pintrestdStep 4. Wrap your treats in a fun puppy paw print drawstring bag. Your furry friend will appreciate the extra effort!





pintresteStep 5. Finish it off with a Look Who’s Happy! logo, just to make sure your dog knows he is getting the best quality ingredients!





Look Who’s on the Cover of Petfood Industry!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.05.52 AM

Look Who’s Happy! co-founders Jeff and Tommy Gay grabbed the spotlight in Petfood Industry’s December issue, as they discuss what has made Look Who’s Happy! treats such a phenomenon. The article walks through the co-founders’ path to home-grown success, beginning with their launch of Big Creek Foods in 2013. Their pursuit for premium pet treats brought them to seek out food safety certifications from the FDA, including a SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 Certification, a certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food safety plan benchmarked by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). All to ensure the Look Who’s Happy! line of treats are made with the freshest and most nutritious ingredients you can find.

As the Look Who’s Happy! brand expands to accommodate growing demand, Jeff and Tommy are turning heads nationwide for their particular brand of excellence. And as each and every treat is made by the employees at their Gainesville facility, you can be sure your dog will love every tasty bite of hand-made goodness. “I catch my own dogs staring at our bags wanting more,” says Tommy Gay.

Read the full Petfood Industry article.


Blue Ribbon Champions!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.14.08 AMWe are proud to say that Look Who’s Happy! was awarded Best in Breed for our innovative merchandising displays by Pet Business. Annually, Pet Business honors companies that go above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.11.39 AMproducts and services to our four-legged friends.

Now in its 14th edition, the Industry Recognition Awards program highlights innovation in a wide assortment of categories,. You can see the full list of awards here.

The team at Look Who’s Happy! is jumping for joy that our stylish display caught the judges’ eyes. And, most importantly, it makes picking up a package of your dog’s favorite treats that much easier. Check out our award-winning displays at your local pet supply store today!

Celebrating Mutts Everywhere!

National Mutt DayToday is a day when dogs of all pedigrees should feel as special as a purebred champion. National Mutt Day was created to raise awareness about the many benefits of adopting a mixed-breed dog. According to NationalMuttDay.com, mixed-breeds are often times healthier, better behaved and live longer.

Celebrating National Mutt Day ties in with the Look Who’s Happy! philosophy. We believe in providing pooches of all shapes, sizes and breeds with only the tastiest, most nourishing treats. If there’s one thing all dogs should have in common, it’s that they should be happy!

Even if you are unable to provide a home to another dog this year, please show your support by donating or volunteering at your local animal shelter.



‘Tis the Season to Shop Online!

Piper AmazonHappy Cyber Monday! Searching for your favorite Look Who’s Happy! treats?
Here are three cyber-rific ways to shop and avoid the lines:

  1. amazon.com
  2. gwlittle.com
  3. k9cuisine.com

Having difficulty choosing the perfect treat? Contact us for a free sample.

Our entire line of treats are carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients, including naturally-raised meats, garden vegetables picked at peak ripeness, and fruits loaded with powerful antioxidants.

Tempt'n Tenders™ - chicken with blueberry recipe
Look Who’s Happy! treat highlight:

Made with USA-raised, cage-free chicken, Tempt’n Tenders are crusted with yummy goodies, like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and blueberries. Produced in our family-owned plant, with taste and texture that’s truly unique, they’re a joy for dogs to eat!


Put a smile in their lifeTM. Shop local or online!

A Thanksgiving Feast, Fit For Four Legs!

ThanksgivingAt Look Who’s Happy! our pets are part of the family. We know how hard it is to ignore your cute pup, smiling and begging for a bit of home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner. And, with a home full of love and excitement, it is all too easy to ignore bits of uncooked food dropping to the kitchen floor.

To help you safely prepare a Thanksgiving Day meal, and ensure your furry family member enjoys a special treat, we are sharing the Look Who’s Happy! Thanksgiving Tips.

Look Who’s Happy! Thanksgiving Tips

Dangerous Items to avoid:

  • Onions & garlic: Both contain sulfide, which is toxic to dogs and could lead to anemia.
  • Alcohol: Any type of alcohol is bad for dogs, but the hops in beer is especially dangerous.
  • Chocolate: This delicious “human” treat contains sulfides, which is poisonous to a dog.
  • Nutmeg: This spice can cause central nervous system problems, as well as seizures in your dog.
  • Sage: Essential oils in sage can cause stomach upset.
  • Turkey skin: Even though this can be delicious, it holds marinade, spices, butter and oils that are difficult to digest.
  • Cooked bones: Turkey and ham bones are NOT safe for dogs, they can splinter in the digestive tract and could cause damage to your dog’s intestinal tract.
  • Nuts: Specifically walnuts and macadamia nuts are very dangerous due to a possible toxic reaction.

Safe food and treat choices:

  • Savor a slow-cooked treat: Protein is perfect for your furry friend, so, let him enjoy the main dish. Turkey is a great lean protein option for dogs. Skip to the head of the line with Fetch’n Fillets™. Made with cage-free poultry and naturally raised meat, including beef, bison or venison meat. Slow-cooked for terrific taste. Naturally packed with savory flavor, they’re the perfect snack to reward your pup and get his tail wagging!
  • Eat your veggies: A dish of potatoes and other vegetables are best, but only if they are served plain—no chives, gravy, cheese or sour cream. Treat your dog to Happy Wraps™—Made from dry-roasted sweet potato and carrot, wrapped with chicken or turkey!
  • A yummy treat to finish the meal: Plain pumpkin, blueberries or a slice of apple (without the seeds) are healthy options. Treat your dog to Tempt’n Tenders™—Made from yummy goodies like pumpkin and blueberries, for both texture and aroma!

Have a safe, and delicious, Thanksgiving Day!

General Pet Care: Thanksgiving Safety Tips,’ American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Top Ten Tips for Feeding Pets Thanksgiving Leftovers,’ petMD.


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Calling all Pet Supermarket V.I.P. members! Buy one Tempt’n Tenders treat, get one FREE! Take advantage of this offer, while it lasts. Your dog will be singing “Love Me Tender” all night long!

Check out what high-quality, healthy ingredients go into making these delicious treats here. Exclusive Pet Supermarket V.I.P. Price


A Super Giveaway for Pet Supermarket Shoppers!

Look Who’s Happy! is excited to bring extra smiles to shoppers of Pet Supermarket. Buy any Look Who’s Happy!® dog treats product at Pet Supermarket and we will send you a FREE package of Look Who’s Happy! dog treats of equal or lesser value. Offer is valid from Nov. 9 to Dec. 15, 2015. Check out the Pet Supermarket locations. See below for full BOGO rules or contact us with any questions.

Fall Into A New Bag of Treats (3)

Full BOGO rules:

  1. Purchase your favorite Look Who’s Happy! treats at one of the many Pet Supermarket locations.
  2. Take a selfie, or photo of yourself, with your Look Who’s Happy! purchase, before leaving the store location!
  3. Post your picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with the caption: “#LookWhosHappy​Giveaway at #PetSupermarket @LookWhosHappy #LookWhosHappyBogo #LookWhosHappy.”

Note: Offer good for a purchase made at Pet Supermarket from November 9, 2015 through December 15, 2015. Offer redeemable only through Look Who’s Happy!® and not at store location. Buy any Look Who’s Happy!® dog treats product and get any Look Who’s Happy!® dog treat package of equal or lesser value. Not for resale. One offer per household or mailing address. Valid only for Look Who’s Happy!® brand dog treats purchased at Pet SuperMarket. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer may be updated or withdrawn without notice. Offer expires at midnight (Eastern time), December 15, 2015.

Don’t forget to follow us @LookWhosHappy on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

Bone Up on the Competition, Before the National Dog Show

Best in ShowThe most widely viewed all-breed dog show in America—The National Dog Show, presented by The Kennel Club of Philadelphia—will be held on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015.

The event is taped and televised nationwide by NBC to nearly 20 million viewers on Thanksgiving Day, immediately following the Macy’s Parade.

This year, there will be more than 2,000 dogs, representing more than 150 different breeds and varieties. There are even seven new breeds that will be introduced during the competition!

These gorgeous dogs will be judged on how perfectly they match each breed’s official standard, including overall appearance, temperament and structure. In other words, ‘characteristics that allow the dog to perform the function for which his or her breed was bred.’

First in Group will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Sporting Group
  • Hound Group
  • Working Group
  • Terrier Group
  • Toy Group
  • Non-Sporting Group
  • Herding Group

Then, those standout canines must compete for Best In Show!


At Look Who’s Happy!, every dog is a champion. And every champion gets a treat!

Support Lifesaving Work, for the Young and Old

Look Who’s Happy! is all about supporting our community, and, there is no better week or month to get involved—as a dog lover and rescue champion—than around National Animal Shelter Appreciation and Rescue Appreciation Week. Across the country, animal shelters offer a safe, caring environment for hurt and abandoned animals, not to mention providing spay/neuter services to help reduce pet overpopulation.

That’s why the dedicated staff at animal shelters needs your support, through donations of money, food or supplies, as well as volunteering.


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!
By placing animals in adopted families, shelters are a starting point for a life-long, cherished friendship. Unfortunately, older dogs have the hardest time finding forever homes, which means these wonderful animals face higher euthanasia rates, and often spend the end of their life in a shelter.

At Look Who’s Happy!, we know senior dogs bring extra smiles. Dogs seven years or older are calmer than puppies, perfectly content to relax with an owner, and easier to adjust to a daily routine. Senior dogs are also grateful for a safe, loving home, which means they are devoted family members and great companions for other pets.

Because older dogs do not need as much exercise, they’re a perfect match for seniors! There are few surprises from these full-grown pets, who don’t require the constant level of attention a puppy needs for teething and potty training.

A senior dog has different health requirements than a younger dog. Here are some tips to help you keep your senior pet healthy. (source: petmd.com)

Make sure your senior dog has regular visits with your veterinarian. In fact, many veterinarians recommend that senior dogs should be examined twice a year, even more so if the dog has serious health issues.

Watch your senior dog’s behavior carefully. This is important for all pets but doubly so for senior dogs. Changes in your dog’s behavior may be a symptom of disease.

Be aware that your senior dog may have pain caused by arthritis or other health issues that make it difficult for him to get around as well as he did when he was younger. Consider providing ramps or stairs to allow your senior dog to access furniture or beds.

Dietary requirements may change as your dog ages. It’s important that you provide your senior dog a pet food that is age appropriate. Your veterinarian can help you choose an appropriate diet for your senior dog based on your dog’s individual nutritional requirements. Look Who’s Happy!™ Brand products are wholesome ingredients and make a perfect addition to a well-balanced diet.

Start November off with a giant smile. Adopt a senior dog from your local shelter today!


Happy Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, we are highlighting DaVinci, who is cherished by the Look Who’s Happy! family. His owner served courageously in Afghanistan. Look Who’s Happy! greatly appreciates all that our troops have sacrificed to keep us safe.

Veterans Day

Look Who’s Happy! Will Be Unleashed at BarkWorld 2015

Our marketing and sales teams are wagging their tails with excitement about attending BarkWorld 2015 in Atlanta.

This conference will be a great opportunity to explore two of our greatest passions—dogs and social media! The event promises to be filled with bloggers and pet owners, including Friday’s keynote address from the founders of Dogs of Instagram.

There will also be plenty of fun activities, like a pet treat cook-off, dog yoga class and speed dating to connect pet brands with influencers in the online digital space.


Look for the Look Who’s Happy! team at BarkWorld 2015!

The Look Who’s Happy! Howl-o-ween Contest Was a Howling Good Time!

A very creative group of Look Who’s Happy! fans across the country submitted photos of their pups dressed up in costume, for our Howl-o-ween social media contest.

View all of the costume contest entries on our #LookWhosHappyHowloween Pinterest board!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.27.35 PM








The Look Who’s Happy! team selected three overall winners, who will each receive 10 bags of Happy WrapsTM.

But wait, there’s more. Because all of the fabulous entries made our tails wag with happiness, we are also rewarding each participant with a free bag of treats from Look Who’s Happy!

Put a smile in their lifeTM, because they make you laugh!


Our Team Was Happy to Accept a 2015 Innovation Award!

Gregg WilsonThe Look Who’s Happy!™ brand, and our parent company Big Creek Foods, was honored at the Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 event in downtown Chicago, October 20, 2015.

Quality, Research and Development Manager Gregg G. Wilson attended the event to personally accept the 2015 Innovation Award, which is given to top pet food and animal nutrition innovators for market impact.

Petfood-Innov-Winner-4c“The Innovation Awards provide a great platform for acknowledging brand holders, who are staying relevant with today’s increasingly savvy pet owners,” said Karen Butler, editor-in-chief of Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0, which celebrates companies demonstrating innovative, disruptive thinking across the pet nutrition market.

The incredible Look Who’s Happy! team won for our U.S.-sourced line of pet jerky treats, Fetch’n Fillets™, made with whole muscle (beef, bison, chicken or venison), and slow cooked for terrific taste!

Howl-o-ween Tips for Less Tricks, More Treats!

trick or treatEven a familiar home, filled with a well-known group of friends and neighbors, can become very spooky this time of year, especially for an anxious or eager doggie. That’s why Look Who’s Happy! wants you to be on the look out for dangers to your pets this Halloween.

  1. Keep bowls and bags of candy (especially chocolate) out of reach.
    Symptoms of poisoning can include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate and seizures.
  2. Minimize decorations, especially small or easily destructible items.
    Fake webbing, plastic bugs, and open flames are potential hazards.
  3. Designate a room or familiar kennel as a place to keep your pet safe.
    A ringing doorbell and children shouting with excitement can cause anxiety, which can lead to tense growling and possible biting.
  4. Take a long walk during the day, so your dog is tired and ready to relax.
    In case of an escape, ensure your pet has an updated tag and is chipped, if possible.
  5. Pick a pet costume that doesn’t impede breathing, hearing, vision or movement.
    Steer clear of masks, items that might tangle legs and small chewable parts. Do not leave a costumed dog unattended. Signs of discomfort include folded down ears, a tucked tail and hunching over.
  6. Give your special trickster a treat to keep them preoccupied.
    We suggest our chicken with pumpkin Tempt’n Tenders for this festive season!

Enter the Look Who’s Happy! Howl-o-ween Contest

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.27.46 PMLook Who’s Happy! is thrilled to offer our furry friends a chance to win 10 bags of Happy WrapsTM this Howl-o-ween!

Snap a photo of your pup dressed up in costume. Then, share this fun moment on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


Full contest rules:

  1. Follow us @LookWhosHappy on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  2. Post a photo of your pup dressed up in your favorite costume.
  3. Include the caption: “Entry for Look Who’s Happy! Howl-o-ween Contest by @LookWhosHappy.”
  4. Add #LookWhosHappyHowloween to your entry.
  5. Multiple entries are allowed. Do not use old, previously posted photos. The Look Who’s Happy! team wants to see new photos!
  6. Submissions are due by midnight (Eastern time), Nov. 1, 2015.


The Look Who’s Happy! team will select two winners to each receive 10 bags of Happy WrapsTM. Made from dry-roasted sweet potato or carrot, wrapped with USA-raised cage free chicken or turkey, our Happy WrapsTM provide two tantalizing tastes in every chomp!

The happy winners will be announced Monday, Nov. 2, on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles. Good luck!

Have a Look Who’s Happy! Howl-o-ween.

Need healthy, safe, delicious treats? It’s a “happy wrap” with Look Who’s Happy!

Does your pampered pooch enjoy a treat with a little crunch? Or, does your hungry hound prefer a chewier snack? At Look Who’s Happy!, our handcrafted Happy Wraps™ give a two-for-one taste in each bite, with a chewy vegetable center surrounded by a layer of crunchy jerky.

Happy Wraps™ - package of 4

Happy Wraps are slow-cooked for a terrific taste that dogs can’t resist. Made from dry-roasted sweet potato or carrot, and wrapped with USDA-Inspected, cage-free, whole chicken or turkey. Each package is grain and gluten free, with no by-products, added hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.


Every Look Who’s Happy! treat is made in Gainesville, Georgia. At our state-of-the-art facility, we keep track of each ingredient from start to finish, to ensure every morsel meets our rigorous quality standards. This includes our commitment that all fruits and veggies in our entire line of treats are grown in the U.S.


We wouldn’t dream of feeding anything questionable to our precious pets, and neither should you. Purchase your pup’s favorite Happy Wraps combo today!

Save a Life! Change Your Life.

rescueSince 1981, October has been designated Adopt a Dog Month. Whether you are opening your home and your heart by adopting from a local shelter or a breed-specific rescue group, your generosity will save at least one precious and very thankful life.


In fact, according to the American Humane Association, “Each year, an estimated 3 to 4 million animals waiting in shelters for someone to give them a safe, loving home never find a hero to adopt them and, tragically, are euthanized.”


There are many resources for finding the newest member of your family. Petfinder offers an online searchable directory of 14,000 shelters, adoption organizations and animal welfare groups.


Even if you are not able to adopt a dog this month, there are many other ways to contribute to this great cause.


  • Spay or neuter your pets to prevent unexpected arrivals.
  • ID your pet with a tag and microchip, so they can be safely returned home.
  • Donate money or supplies to a rescue group.
  • Consider becoming a foster parent or volunteer at an animal shelter.


Now, look who’s already making a difference!

Look Who’s Happy Expands Sales Network With New West Coast and Northeast Broker Partners

In a move to expand the presence of Look Who’s Happy canine treats in both the West Coast and Northeast markets, Big Creek Foods recently announced their partnership with two new manufacturer’s representative organizations. Their primary responsibilities will include detailing independent pet store owners and personnel about the product lines as well as helping with promotional planning and implementing effective merchandising programs.


Fetch Partners
Specializing in the representation of pet products to the wholesale and retail markets, Fetch Partners serves the West Coast of the United States. Visit www.fetchpartners.com for more information.


A.C. Graham Company, Inc.
Covering the Northeastern region of the US, A.C. Graham has represented leading pet industry manufacturers and importers since 1974. Visit www.acgrahamco.com to learn more.


Big Creek Foods is proud to provide delicious, high-quality treats for dogs nationwide. Retailers and distributors interested in carrying Look Who’s Happy premium dog treats may call 855-567-8801 or email info@lookwhoshappy.com. For additional information, please visit www.lookwhoshappy.com.


Will You Help Look Who’s Happy Pass the Test?

Put a smileThis month, Looks Who’s Happy!TM was placed in select stores to test how our treats—crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients—appeal to your dogs’ appetites. Tractor Supply Company, a rural retail store with 1,400 stores, will run this test in 40 stores throughout Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Tractor Supply

We know our loyal customers will jump for joy, and encourage these stores to continue stocking our quality product.

If your dogs are trying Look Who’s Happy for the first time, please share a picture of how our treats have helped Put a Smile in Their Life!

Look Who’s Tailgating!

Is there anything more American than grilling a prime cut of meat, before watching your favorite football team take the field? At Look Who’s Happy!™, we want to add some extra tail wagging to your All-American tailgate, with our grain-free, made-in-the-USA fillet treats.

Win three bags of Fetch’n Fillets!

  1. Snap a pic of your dog’s team spirit or love of football.
  1. Share the photo of your fury sports fan on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #LookWhosTailgating.

#HappyTailGating (1)

The first round will end at midnight (12 p.m. EDT) on Monday, Oct. 5. The Look Who’s Happy team will then select the three most spirited images, and post the finalists on our blog, Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

During the final playoff round (running from Wednesday, Oct. 7 to Sunday, Oct. 11), our fans on social media will ‘Like’ their favorite all-star pup, to determine this season’s winner of three bags of Fetch’n Fillets.

The winner will be announced Monday, Oct. 12. Happy tailgating!


Pet Supermarket Is a Natural Fit for Our Natural Treats

By the end of September, nearly 160 stores around the nation will be adding Look Who’s Happy products to their shelves! Pet Supermarket, offering quality pet products coast to coast, will expand our reach to a store near you.


Pet Supermarket


The majority of the new placements are in the South and Southeast region, but a few lucky stores in the West—Tahoe, California; Reno, Nevada; Arlington, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin—will be treated too.


Check out some of our new locations:


Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham



Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Cloud, Gainesville, Clearwarter, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Panama City, Daytona Beach, Key West and more.



Cartersville, Columbus, Stone Mountain, Macon, Buckhead, Woodstock, Decatur, Alpharetta, Johns Creek


North Carolina

Dilworth, Greensboro, Charlotte, Winston Salem, Ashville, Wilmington, Raleigh



Nashville, Bellevue, BrentwoodBCF Team



Put a smile in your life!

To search for a store near you that carries our delicious Looks Who’s Happy!TM treats—crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients—use the Find Us tool.


If you are a retail store owner or manager, who would like to stock your shelves with Big Creek Foods products—committed to natural ingredients, conscientious sourcing and clean labeling—contact our family-owned facility in Gainesville, Georgia, by calling 855-567-8801 or emailing info@bigcreekfoods.com.

Look Who’s Happy & Big Creek Foods Honored for Innovation

LWH_Fillets_VenisonWThe Look Who’s Happy!TM brand, and our parent company Big Creek Foods, is ecstatic about receiving a Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Award. Our incredible team won for our U.S.-sourced line of pet jerky treats, Fetch’n FilletsTM, made with whole muscle (beef, bison, chicken or venison) and slow cooked for terrific taste.


Petfood2.com recently highlighted our commitment to make dog treats as good, or better, than food eaten by people. Since our founding two years ago in Gainesville, Georgia, Look Who’s Happy has grown a wonderful customer following, and received rave reviews and recognition in the industry.


“Our commitment to complete transparency and being sourced and produced in the U.S., which is reflected in our packaging, goes a long way to ease pet owner’s fears,” said Big Creek Foods President Tommy Gay.


BigCreekB2B_logoEven though we are all smiles with this great appreciation for our dedication to improving the pet food market place, there is still more to come! “New treat sizes and shapes will also be an avenue for us to explore, and meet pet parents’ desire for their next premium dog treat,” Tommy Gay adds.


Our team is thrilled about this great opportunity, and looks forward to being honored at the Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 event in downtown Chicago, October 20-21!

Now Is the Perfect Time to Work on Your Dog-Owner Relationship

National Dog DaySeptember is a great month to remember how important our loving pets are to our family, and to celebrate that connection. In fact, the 13th Annual American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Day was held on Sept. 19, which included an agility course, tricks demo and breed parades. And National Dog Week, which started in 1928, runs from Sept. 20 through Sept. 26.


From a quality diet to proper grooming to regular vet visits, as well as training, exercising and socializing, dog ownership comes with real responsibilities. Look Who’s Happy! wants to encourage all owners to plan a special doggie date this week, and tempt your fury friend to a delicious and healthy treat.


National Dog Week is also a great opportunity to add to your family by adopting a one-of-a-kind mixed mutt or even a special breed. Are you an outdoor enthusiast or enjoy snuggling indoors? From people-pleasing Labrador retrievers to comedic pugs, there are many resources to match your personality to the right type of dog.


According to iheartdogs.com:

  • Extroverted people tend to own bulldog breeds.
  • Pointers and setters appeal to very social people.
  • People with big imaginations like toy dogs, such as poodles.


To better determine the dog breed that matches your personality of your family’s lifestyle, complete the ‘What dog breed is right for me?’ quiz.


Today, we highlight Zoe, a two-year-old long hair Chihuahua that our National Sales Director Ian Poole rescued two weeks ago.  Zoe was found half bald and and covered with fleas, but quickly made herself at home with her two new basset pals, Molly and Boomer. Zoe is already hard at work trying to select which Tempt’n Tenders flavor is her tail-wagging favorite!







Past and Present Presidential Pooches

Today we salute dogs in politics on National Checkers Day, made famous by a televised speech given by then Sen. Richard Nixon about a black-and-white cocker spaniel that had been gifted to his family, and named Checkers by his children. Many pundits believe this was only a continuation of politicians using their family pets for great photo opportunities and personal stories.


The official portrait of the Obama family dog "Bo", a Portuguese water dog, on the South Lawn of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) This official White House photograph is being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way or used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Photo credit: Official White House portrait of the First Dog (May 2009)


Here is a quick list of other Canines in Chief:

  • Bo and Sunny, the Portuguese water dogs, owned by President Barack Obama.
  • Miss Beazley and Barney, the Scottish terriers, owned by President George W. Bush.
  • Liberty, a golden retriever who had a litter of puppies at the White House, owned by President Gerald Ford.
  • Eleven dogs and a pygmy hippo named Billy, owned by President Calvin Coolidge.

There’s No Trick. Pups Crave Pumpkin Treats, Too!

Look Who’s Happy knows both the humans and the pups in your family have been looking forward to autumn for the same reasons—crisp air, falling leaves, spicy scents, and the taste of pumpkin!

pumpkin treatsFor most dogs, pumpkin is more than just a flavor. Its benefits include being low in fat, high in fiber and a natural solution to digestive issues. At Look Who’s Happy, we top that off with cage-free chicken, cane molasses and sea salt.

In fact, our happy customers can’t stop bragging, or begging, for our newest addition—Tempt’n Tenders Chicken with Pumpkin Recipe. Take a look for yourself at the smile on Pierre’s face, in the ‘pumpkin-season’ review on Barking from the Bayou.


Reviews like this are the real treat.Look who's DroolingOver Pumpkin Season

Look Who’s Happy has another satisfied customer in Debra Eldredge, a Dog Products Examiner with Examiner.com—a dynamic entertainment, news and lifestyle network that serves more than 20 million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world.

Eldredge touts our treats as eco-friendly, ethical and safe. “Right off the bat, these are ‘Made in the USA’ treats. That gives you and your pet an extra layer of food safety,” she adds. “For training or a quick reward, these are perfect.”

Read the rest of her glowing recommendation for our Chicken with Pumpkin Recipe.

Join Us for a Howling Good Time at Fido’s Market Fall Festival!

fall festLook Who’s Happy will be enjoying the autumn season with friends and fellow dog lovers next month. Fido’s Market Fall Festival will be hosted in Alpharetta, Georgia, on October 11 from 12 to 3 p.m.


Fido’s Market is a pet food and provisions retail store dedicated to providing high quality, natural foods.


Swing by this special festival to enjoy:

• Food
• Music
• Raffles and Prizes
• Free Samples and Giveaways
• and Pet Adoptions!

Who’s Happy? ‘My Dog Likes’ Is Thrilled with Our Treats!

We are jumping for joy to hear that Charlie, and his best four-legged friend, loved their Look Who’s Happy! dog treats. Paws up to the team at ‘My Dog Likes’ for the excellent review. Their “experts” learned first-hand how the natural goodness of our products makes for happy dogs!  Check out the full review.






We’ve Packed Plenty of Look Who’s Happy!™ Treats for September Road Trips

September has started with a number of industry-related road trips!Convention post 2
Every year, Pet Food Experts who partner with independent pet industry retailers and vendors, offer annual ‘open house’ meetings to build connections. Our lucky Big Creek Foods™ team traveled to Connecticut, to exhibit and showcase our Look Who’s Happy!™ dog treats at the 2015 East Coast Customer Appreciation Trade Show, at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort.

At the same time, another Big Creeks Foods team ventured to Long Beach, California, to attend the UPP Haunted Open House on the Queen Mary. Halloween on the High Seas ’15 welcomed aboard new brands and new products.

Also, we traveled to the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells for the Prince Fall Booking Show to highlight our products and book some amazing orders!

Our team is focused on making the right connections to bring Look Who’s Happy!™ dog treats to more locations, to better serve YOU!

Pretty Fluffy: Look Who’s Happy Grain Free Dog Treats Review

Pretty Fluffy: Look Who’s Happy Grain Free Dog Treats Review

I’m reviewing a fabulous brand that I’m proud to say has your dog’s welfare and happiness in mind. If there’s one thing you can do this year that will have a huge impact on your dog’s health AND happiness, it’s to make the switch to Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats…

Look Who’s Happy’s tagline is ‘Put a Smile in their Life’ and with 12 treat flavours to choose from, they sure do.

There’s a whole range featuring slow cooked treats such as Fetch’n Fillets Bison Jerky (treat taster Coco’s #1 choice!! Yum!!), Venison Jerky (OK – maybe this one also tied 1st for Coco’s tastiest treat!), and Tempt’n Tenders Chicken & Blueberries.

Our personal favourite are the Happy Wraps – chicken fillets hand-rolled around a generous slab of dry-roasted sweet potato or carrot and slow cooked to perfection.

Read full article at PrettyFluffy.com

How to Photograph Your Dog (feat. Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats)

How to Photograph Your Dog (feat. Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats)

Rigby is insanely food motivated which makes posing him for photos a lot easier. We’re using Look Who’s Happy Treats right now, which he is obsessed with. They smell like real meat jerky (probably because they are!), are grain free, and are made here in the USA. Ever since the controversy surrounding jerky treats made in China, I’m super careful to only purchase items made in the USA and also made with meat sourced from the USA, Canada, and New Zealand, which these are.

Read full article at HelloRigby.com

Spencer the Goldendoodle

Spencer the Goldendoodle

Hello Everyone and Happy Tasty Tuesday!
Today I’m excited to share with you Look Who’s Happy Tempt’n Tenders the Chicken with Pumpkin Recipe. While learning more about this company, I fell in love with their philosophy:
“If there’s one thing all dogs should have in common, it’s that they should be happy!” I highly recommend this treat to all my four legged pals out there.

Read full article at Spencerthegoldendoodle.blogspot.com

The Mountain Dog Blog

The Mountain Dog Blog

WOOF! It’s been pretty hard to focus on much else since we got these treats sent us from Big Creek Foods. The flavor they sent us is the Look Who’s Happy- Chicken with Pumpkin Recipe. These treats are soft, chewy and pretty big. You could easily break them up to make them last longer, but I think that’s a terrible idea because I want eat them all. The treats look like they have grill marks and you can see the specks of pumpkin in them.

Read full article at TheMountainDogBlog.com

Look Who’s Happy Dog Treat Review & Giveaway

Look Who’s Happy Dog Treat Review & Giveaway

When it comes to dog treats, I’m a pretty picky pet parent, especially with all the food and treat recalls that seem to happen on a weekly basis. In an effort to keep Wrigley and Smash safe and healthy, I try to choose treats made from the purest, most natural ingredients available. Lucky for them (and dogs everywhere), Look Who’s Happy offers a whole range of tasty and healthy dog snacks that pets and their people will love.

Read full article at DogMilk.com

Look Who’s Happy Treats

Look Who’s Happy Treats

Over all about Look Who’s Happy: I think its a great company, Love nothing is from china. Cage-free chicken is a huge plus. High quality ingredients. No recalls. Dino really loved the carrot chicken wraps. Recommend them. Read full article at DinonMiaKnowBest.com

Pet Anthology: Transitioning into Spring – Chicken Dog Treats Review

Pet Anthology: Transitioning into Spring – Chicken Dog Treats Review

Whenever you catch yourself walking around your apt or house and see those listless stares following your every move: this, friends, is why we ‘spoil’ our pups.

I’m loving the packaging of Happy Wraps but, hey, I’m a designer so I’m partial 🙂

These USA-raised, cage free whole muscle chicken dog treats are great option if you’re in need of a grain and gluten-free treat free of all those additives. Both Jake and Poochie loved the Sweet Potato and Carrot. I mentioned before how Jake is indifferent towards some dogs treats so these flavorful options always pique his interest. You can tear them into pieces easily for smaller dogs to chomp away without the guilt. Oof!

Read full article at PetAnthology.com

Chicken Dog Treats Made in USA Review: Look Who’s Happy Happy Wraps

Chicken Dog Treats Made in USA Review: Look Who’s Happy Happy Wraps

Look Who’s Happy® is happy to announce that they have yet another new premium canine treat with their hand-wrapped chicken Happy Wraps™.

· Every treat is made in a brand new, state-of-the-art plant in Gainesville, Georgia.

· Unlike many pet treat companies, the brothers operate their own private processing facility according to FDA food safety production guidelines. In fact, their operation meets far higher standards than pet food manufacturing regulations require.

· Every meat and poultry ingredient is sourced from the USA, Canada or New Zealand (never China), and is USDA-inspected.

· Every procedure is in place to ensure product quality, from HACCP to GMP.

· Every lot is independently tested for safety.

Read full article at Examiner.com

Dogster Magazine: New Dog Treats Made in USA Only

Dogster Magazine: New Dog Treats Made in USA Only

Dog Treats Made in USA Only – Look Who’s Happy with their new Happy Wraps
Give your pal a special treat with these chicken fillets hand wrapped around slices of dry-roasted sweet potato or carrot. They’re grain and gluten free, and never include byproducts, added hormones, or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Read the full story in the latest issue of Dogster Magazine on page 99.

Whole Foods Magazine: Go Fetch Grain Free Pet Food for Your Store

Whole Foods Magazine: Go Fetch Grain Free Pet Food for Your Store

What do more than half of your shoppers have in common with each other? Pets! About 62% of U.S. households own at least one pet, and 47% percent have at least one dog, according to The Humane Society. Incorporating some pet care items into your store will likely make your loyal pack see your business as a one-stop shop for the entire family—and yes, that includes the furbabies!

Retailers and manufacturers are seeing an uptick in interest for nutritional products in addition to natural foods, treats and hygiene products. And, companies are responding with healthier options. States Tommy Gay, president and founder of Look Who’s Happy, Gainesville, GA, “Consumer demand for natural products…will only increase over time as the benefits are better identified and understood.”

So, shoppers are seeking. Pet products companies are innovating. How is your store responding?
 Read full article at WholeFoodsMagazine.com

MyGBGV Life: Venison and Bison Dog Treats Review

MyGBGV Life: Venison and Bison Dog Treats Review

Look Who’s Happy Dog TreatsAnyone depressed out there because the holidays are over and its January? Come to my blog to get your happy back on with Look Who’s Happy Fetch’n Fillets – out of this world yummy!. {lookwhoshappy.com for retailers} 

Let’s have a look at the two types of Fetch’n Fillets, shall we? Seriously, look at that jerky, skip the looking, move right on to smelling and tasting! We can actually smell it through the sealed bags, so Mom had to lock it up tight to keep us from sampling it on our own. January can be a sad and depressing month for many humans which is why I have something to cheer you all up! Look Who’s Happy! has offered to let me give away TWO bags of the Fetch’n Fillets of your choice to TWO lucky winners! Trust me, you want and need your own stash of this stuff!
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Dolly the Doxie’s Review: No. 1 Healthy Dog Treats Made in USA

Dolly the Doxie’s Review: No. 1 Healthy Dog Treats Made in USA

Let’s start the new year out right by being happy and healthy! That means feeding us dogs healthy and natural Look Who’s Happy Fetch’n Fillets treats. {lookwhoshappy.com for retailers}
These healthy dog treats made in the USA by family-owned Big Creek Foods™. They are made from New Zealand-raised, grass-fed venison and U.S.-raised, grass-fed bison. You all know how big I am on alternative protein sources since I don’t eat beef or poultry products.
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Examiner: Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Examiner: Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Daily Katy: Gifts for Dogs

Daily Katy: Gifts for Dogs

Gifts for Dogs

Oz the Terrier: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treat Review

Oz the Terrier: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treat Review

Dog Treat Review

Do you know who’s happy?  I’m happy.  Do you know why I am happy?  It’s because I just received some Look Who’s Happy Fetch’n Fillets dog treats!  


The aroma is so tempting I can barely keep my butt in a sit!  Ma says it smells just like jerky that humans would eat.  I say, “Back off.  The treats are mine!”.


The Look Who’s Happy Fetch’n Fillets  are delicious dog treats made from healthy ingredients meaning both Ma and I love them.  I think they would make for great stocking stuffers this holiday.  You can find a retailer near you that sells them by using the “Find A Retailer” search box on the Look Who’s Happy website.  Read full article at oztheterrier.com  


It’s Chewy Time: Healthy Dog Treats Reviews

It’s Chewy Time: Healthy Dog Treats Reviews

Healthy Dog Treats Reviews

The Tempt’n Tenders were in strips of various sizes, and were very easy to break into smaller pieces. The sweet potato crust left some particles on my fingers, but it was not sticky and rubbed off easily.


Before I even cut open the treat bags, Chewy decided he needed to roll all over them like he does his favorite toys. It’s his way of saying, “this is mine!”


We give Look Who’s Happy dog treats 4 paws up. They smell yummy, are made in the USA with natural ingredients, and even the tiniest piece gets Chewy in super obedient mode. Also, the packaging is sure to put a smile on your face!   Read full article at itschewytime.com


Pet Business: 2014 Innovative Pet Products & Companies to Watch

Pet Business: 2014 Innovative Pet Products & Companies to Watch

Innovative Pet Products

These companies are using innovation to make pet ownership easier and more fulfilling for shoppers, thus adding to the momentum behind the public’s love affair with pets.


Many of these manufacturers play a vital role in giving pet stores the ability to differentiate themselves in what has become an extremely competitive retail landscape. For these pet specialty retailers, tapping into the steady stream of innovative pet products coming into the market has proven invaluable in keeping assortments fresh and functional to stay one step ahead of the other retail channels that have climbed into the pet care ring.


Companies to Watch

Look Who’s Happy made its debut with two natural, U.S.-sourced treat lines manufactured in its own Georgia-based facility. Fetch’n Fillets are jerky treats made from beef, chicken or bison. Tempt’n Tenders feature chicken crusted with carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato or blueberry. Read full article at petbusiness.com


Confessions of a Rescue Mom: Pet Product Reviews

Confessions of a Rescue Mom: Pet Product Reviews

Pet Product Reviews

Today I have another #petproductreview for you! Rolo and I will be reviewing the Tempt’n Tenders from Look Who’s Happy. The name explains it all, he was instantly happy as soon as he got his mouth on one of the treats.


Made with USA-raised cage free chicken, Tempt’n Tenders chicken treats are crusted with yummy goodies like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and blueberries. Loaded with taste, texture and aroma that’s truly unique, they’re a joy for dogs to eat! Read full article at confessionsofarescuemom.com



Glamour Girl Reviews: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats Review

Glamour Girl Reviews: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats Review

Dog Treats Review
Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats are a great choice. They are carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients, are grain free, and are made safely right here in the USA. Some of the benefits of Look Who’s Happy Treats are:
  • All the meat and poultry they use is sourced from the United States, Canada or New Zealand (never China) and is USDA-inspected
  • Every treat is made in their family-owned plant

As soon as I opened the bag I got a whiff of the scent inside. Wow, it smells just like beef jerky! This is the first time I’ve actually been jealous of my dog’s food. It smells so good, just like the jerky that I would want to eat.


It looks and feels a lot like jerky too! Each strip is semi-moist and tender. The pieces are long, but I can easily rip them into smaller, more appropriate sized pieces for my Chihuahua. Just look at Zooey’s face in the picture above and it says it all. She’s staring so intently at the Tempt’n Tender, she just can’t wait to get that treat in her mouth!

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Sawyer the Labrador: Organic Dog Treats Review

Sawyer the Labrador: Organic Dog Treats Review

Organic Dog Treats Review

One of the things that makes Look Who’s Happy dog treats different is the fact that they’re made by the same people that sell them. That’ right. The brand and the food plant— founded in 2013— are family-owned and operated. The other thing that makes Look Who’s Happy dog treats different is the fact they’re made in small batches using USDA-inspected natural raised meat and cage free poultry that’s from the United States or sourced from Canada or New Zealand. They contain no by-products, hormones, gluten, grain or artificial flavors/color/preservatives. 


Slow cooked for maximum flavor, Look Who’s Happy is available in three varieties: Fetch’n Fillets, Tempt’n Tenders and Happy Wraps.


Tempt’n Tenders are chicken treats with a twist. There’s a chicken with blueberry recipe, a chicken with sweet potato recipe, a chicken with carrot recipe and a chicken with pumpkin recipe. I got lucky and got to taste the latter— chicken with pumpkin— which happens to be perfect for the season. Thanksgiving is around the corner so pumpkin-everything is a the way to go, and these are absolutely scrumptious. Read full article at sawyerthelabrador.com


It’s Dog or Nothing: Look Who’s Happy, Atka | Grain Free Dog Treats Review

It’s Dog or Nothing: Look Who’s Happy, Atka | Grain Free Dog Treats Review

Grain Free Dog Treats Review

Look Who’s Happy is a recent favorite in our house. The company is run by brothers and based out of Georgia. Their processing facility meets much higher standards than the commercial pet product requirements. Plus, I love the ingredients and the fluffies love the taste!


Look Who’s Happy currently has two lines of grain free dog treats: Fetch’n Fillets and Tempt’n Tenders. The fillets are jerky treats which come in beef, bison, chicken, and venison. The tenders are all chicken based, but have a crust of either blueberry, carrot, pumpkin, or sweet potato. They will soon be coming out with a line called Happy Wraps. Happy Wraps are made from dry-roasted sweet potato or carrot, which is then wrapped in chicken or turkey. Yum! These definitely passed the fluffy taste test. Mauja wanted to eat them straight out of the bag!

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Examiner Dog Food Reviews: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats

Examiner Dog Food Reviews: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats

Dog Food Reviews

Big Creek Foods in Georgia has jumped in to provide healthy, safe treats for pets. Their facility is geared to FDA standards and they include an in house nutritionist on their staff. One of their offerings is Look Who’s Happy treats for dogs.


There are three classes of Look Who’s Happy treats – Fetch’n FilletsTempt’n Tenders and Happy Wraps. Our test dogs received chicken and blueberry Tempt’n Tenders and beef Fetch’n Fillets. All the treats are Made in the USA. Each batch is independently tested for safety and quality.


Our test dogs eagerly ate both types of treats. When pushed to choose a favorite, we had two go for the chicken (Babe and Dani) while Baloo opted for beef first. Doc showed no real preference. Our test dogs heartily recommend these treats!

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Long-time Gainesville Business Launches Canine Treats

Long-time Gainesville Business Launches Canine Treats

Big Creek Foods recently held a a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the facility in Gainesville. Established by Jeff and Tommy Gay this year, Big Creek Foods creates customized, turnkey, healthy dog treats that take their brand to new destinations in healthfulness, innovation and flavor. Read full article at accessnorthga.com

DogTipper Review: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats Made in USA

DogTipper Review: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats Made in USA

Irie and Tiki love nothing about their job more than the opportunity to act as treat testers! Both girls had the chance to test out the new Look Who’s Happy! treats this week, a line of grain free dog treats made in USA available in two lines: Fetch’n Fillets™ and Tempt’n Tenders™. Read full article at dogtipper.com

To Dog with Love: Natural Dog Treats Reviews

To Dog with Love: Natural Dog Treats Reviews

Natural Dog Treats Reviews

Nothing makes Rocco happier than a tasty treat, so we were anxious to try new Look Who’s Happy treats, made right up the road from us in Gainesville, Ga.


Rocco got the chance to taste test two different types of treats — Tempt’n Tenders in chicken with blueberry and Fetch’n Fillets in chicken jerky. The biggest difference between these two lines of treats are the Tempt’n Tenders are crusted with garden veggies and fruits and are softer to break into smaller pieces while the Fetch’n Fillets are more of a jerky consistency that can still be cut into pieces if you choose to make them a bit smaller. Both are grain and gluten free with no by-products, hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.


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SMILE! Look Who’s Happy

SMILE! Look Who’s Happy

World Smile Day is on Friday, October 3rd. We are celebrating by having a SMILE Blog Hop. Dory’s Backyard and Oz the Terrier are co-hosting. Our prize sponsor is Look Who’s Happy dog treats. Read full article at sugarthegoldenretriever.com

Announcing the #MyHappyDog Twitter Party!

Announcing the #MyHappyDog Twitter Party!

It’s time for another Event Barkers Twitter party! Along with DogTipper and To Dog With Love, we’ll be hosting another fun-filled, fast-moving party for a new brand of premium dog treats: Look Who’s Happy™! Read full article at allthingsdogblog.com

Fetch’n Fillet Dog Treats by Look Who’s Happy

Fetch’n Fillet Dog Treats by Look Who’s Happy

Fetch’n Fillets are whole muscle jerky treats packed with savory flavor made from naturally raised beef, cage-free chicken or grass-fed bison. Read full article at petage.com

“Look Who’s Happy” brand canine treats to debut at 2014 SuperZoo

“Look Who’s Happy” brand canine treats to debut at 2014 SuperZoo

After 28 years of specializing in the catfish and poultry processing business for petfood brands, the co-founders of Big Creek Foods will debut a new canine treat brand at 2014 SuperZoo in July. Read full article at petfoodindustry.com