HAPPY and Hydrated!


With summer almost in full swing, we know you’re looking forward to soaking up the sun and spending some quality time with your families and furry friends. So are we! But as the temperatures heat up, keep in mind that your dogs may need a little extra love to keep cool during the hot summer day.

Understanding these guidelines and knowing the warning signs of dehydration will help to keep your dogs safe and HAPPY this season so you can have fun in the sun together all summer long.



Don’t leave your dog in an unattended vehicle. If you’re out running errands, leave your dog at home, or try to avoid places that aren’t dog friendly. If you have to leave your dog in the car for a short period of time, keep your windows cracked. It doesn’t take long for a car in the hot sun to heat up to dangerous temperatures.

Avoid hot pavement. This can be tricky as we often forget that the roads and sidewalks may be too hot for our dogs’ bare feet. Try to walk through the grass or dirt and always check the temperature of the pavement before you lead your dog on the road or sidewalk.

Always bring water with you. Hydration is key for everyone during the hot summer months, so be sure to bring along plenty of water when you take your dog outside. If possible, try to bring ice or a frozen chew toy to keep your dog extra cool.

Seek shelter. Keep an eye out for a tree or covered deck, or bring along an umbrella to provide a little relief from the rays.

Keep your dogs groomed. Watch out for any tangles in your dog’s hair and talk to your vet or groomer about shaving his or her coat.

Walk during the cooler hours. If you love to take your dog for long walks around the park or neighborhood, try to head out during the cooler hours of the day. Walking during the early morning or later in the evening will allow your dog to get fresh air and exercise, while reducing the risk of dehydration and overheating.

If it’s over 85 degrees, STAY INSIDE. Temperatures exceeding 85 degrees can be dangerous for dogs. Wait until the temps cool down before taking them outside.

Finally, watch out for these warning signs that your dog may be dehydrated:

  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry, chapped nose
  • More lethargic than normal
  • Dark urine
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive panting
  • Dry mouth and gums
  • Thick saliva

These quick and easy steps will help you and your furry friends enjoy your favorite warm weather activities all season long.

Have a HAPPY summer!

The Apple of Our Eye

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